Art Director Club 2016 Project.

Insight : If it's not on the surface, you won't care.

Creative Concept : Teasing Campaign #OceanExplorer : Digital Experimental Campaign to raise awareness towards the ocean's plastic pollution. 

The Digital platform will allow to see through the eyes of 3 selected animals underwater, with a GoPro system. To encourage people to participate to the experiment, a short video teaser will be published on Social Networks.

Those live videos will be displayed on digital billboards and on our dedicated website. After 3 days of video Live an error will occur, the website, the billboards will break down little by little to reveal the hard truth of the pollution. All the displays (web, social networks, billboard...) will evolve as if it was hit by the pollution.

The animals are dead because of plastic. The target will be invited to learn more about this pollution, and all the solution to take care of those animals as if they were pets.




Association Expédition 7e Continent.


Strategy, Art Direction & Copy Writing.